ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2016

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Salt Lake City, UT, August 13–16, 2016

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Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Palace
Convention Center


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FAQ about General Sessions

How were the education sessions selected for the 2013 Annual Meeting & Exposition?

Attendee feedback from the 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition indicated a preference for fewer education sessions and greater variety of speakers. ASAE listened, and reduced the number of sessions to 120 and instituted a rule allowing speakers to present only once at the conference. When the call for session proposals went out in fall 2012, over 375 proposals were received. This response, coupled with the decrease in the number of session slots, made for an extremely difficult selection process, but we feel the result is a much stronger offering of educational content.

How were the General Session speakers selected?

Each year, we reach out to speaker bureaus asking for their help in finding the best speakers around a particular topic.

How is ASAE's Ethics Code of Conduct reflected in ASAE's annual meeting?

To join ASAE is to commit to work in accordance with its ethical standards and to encourage the development and implementation of the ethical standards within the industries and professions represented by its members. Conference attendees and staff should be aware of our Code of Conduct, which includes the following core ethical standards:

  1. Respect and uphold public laws that govern one's work;
  2. Be honest in conducting the member's business;
  3. Respect the confidentiality of information gained through one's work;
  4. Act fairly;
  5. Foster an ethical culture through one's work; and
  6. Take responsibility for one's conduct.

Download the full Standards of Conduct as a PDF

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