Preconference Pathway Masterclasses and Workshop

Get a strong start and set a pace toward maximum value with a targeted preconference workshop or pathway masterclass, or AMC Institute’s AMCs Engaged! You’ll walk away with in-depth knowledge and new skills, and jumpstart your career. Return home with the confidence to do more, achieve more, and be more. 


AMC Institute AMCs Engaged! additional fee

Saturday, August 18
7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Chicago (Wacker Drive)

AMCs Engaged! is a focused, one-day conference tailored to meet the unique challenges of the AMC community and help professionals prepare for the changing business landscape. Whether you're part of the leadership team of an experienced association management company, a new owner navigating the first few years, or an entrepreneur investigating the strengths of the AMC model, you can join your peers for a day-long deep-dive into current trends and topics impacting the changing workforce of AMCI members. During the sessions, hear the latest research, best-practice company experiences, and emerging trends affecting the future of work. Your time will be enhanced by making connections with other professionals that provide management solutions.

ASAE is pleased to collaborate with AMCI on this event to provide educational and networking opportunities that allow AMC members to gain insightful knowledge and make contacts that provide value year-round. If you are interested in attending AMCs Engaged!, you will need to register separately on the AMCI website. Rate for AMCI Members is $525, Association Management Companies that are not members of the AMC Institute should contact Erin Carter at or 703-570-8954 to join or register at the $775 non-member rate.

Register separately on the AMCI website

Thank you to our host:

AMC Institute

Destination International CVBs Engaged! additional fee

Friday, August 17 - Sunday, August 19
Marriott Marquis Chicago

CVBs Engaged! is the C-suite education program that convention and visitors bureaus need to succeed in the coming year. This is a board governance focused event, where day one is exclusively for CVB leaders, with training on how to work with your board, succession planning and governance challenges.  CVBs are encouraged to have their board members join the program dinner on Friday night or network individually, and on day two CVB leaders and their board guests will all fully engage with training focused on building effective board relations, making board meetings more strategic and practices to enhance board structure and process. All registrants are then invited to participate in the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo by attending the Opening Celebration that evening, and on day three may attend the Opening Keynote, and the Association Solutions Marketplace.

ASAE is pleased to collaborate with Destinations International on this event to provide educational and networking opportunities that allow CVB members to expand their expertise in governance and gain insights that will provide value year-round.  If you are interested in attending CVBs Engaged! You will need to register separately on the DI website. Rate for Destinations International members is $1,995 for a CVB executive and board team (up to 3 people). CVBs that are not members may register at the $2,995 nonmember rate.

Register separately on the DI website

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Destinations International


Preconference Pathway Masterclasses

Saturday, August 18 
1:00–4:00 p.m.

Please reference the All Education session page for speaker detail.
All sessions and events are held at McCormick Place unless otherwise noted.

Global Operations Masterclass: Build a High-Performance
Operations Infrastructure additional fee

Ready to take your global association to the next level? Discuss the cornerstones of global operations and the challenges executives face, and learn how to be effective and valuable to a global membership. Leaders of high-functioning global organizations will engage in a point/counterpoint debate over several issues such as translation practices, how much and how fast to invest in your global footprint, and other decisions to quantify measurements for success. 

  • Implement best practices for investing in your global footprint.
  • Employ different pricing structure models to yield desired results.
  • Establish culturally sensitive safety and securities policies.

Content Leaders:
Barbara Connell, Chief Operating Officer, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Brian Costanzo, President and CEO, SOCAP
Bonnie Koenig, President, Going International
Jim Piechowski, Director, International Operations, Institute of Management Accountants

Thank you to our hosts and Global Partners:

Dubai Association Centre Korea Tourism Organization

Healthcare Masterclass: Blockchain and Healthcareadditional fee

The promise of blockchain powered health information has widespread implications for the healthcare ecosystem, from reducing or eliminating the friction and costs of current intermediaries and making electronic medical records more efficient, disintermediated, and secure to unlocking the true value of interoperability. Explore this new, rapidly evolving field now ripe for experimentation, investment, and proof-of-concept testing that has the potential to transform healthcare and the membership organizations that support it.

  • Understand how payers and providers are using blockchain to manage clinical trials data and electronic medical records.
  • Be among the key players for blockchain adoption, regulation, and compliance.
  • Leverage emerging commercial blockchain solutions enabling organizations and institutions to transact with less friction and more trust.

Content Leader:
Dr. Johnny Nobles, CoFounder and CEO, Almaty Health

Thank you to our host and Strategic Partner, Business Events Canada and its Partners:

Canada Partners

CEO and ED Executive Education Masterclass: Create High-Performing Association Boards by Designadditional fee
Associations need high-performing boards right now. While achieving board high performance is a significant challenge, viewing the work of governing differently also creates a powerful design opportunity. Given the growing focus on creating compelling experiences across various sectors today, this is the right time to ask an important question: If we want to create high-performing association boards, how can we design a compelling "director experience" (DX)? This masterclass will challenge deep-seated assumptions and present a DX design framework that associations can use to begin building high-performing boards right away. We’ll discuss the concept of the "director experience," including the new Director Experience (DX) Framework, and its implications for the work of governing and strengthening board performance.
  • Identify the limitations and weaknesses in how associations create the director experience today.
  • Explore how to help busy directors maximize the impact and meaning of their board service.
  • Develop an action strategy to strengthen board performance through a compelling director experience.  

Content Leader:
Jeff De Cagna, Executive Advisor, Foresight First LLC

Naylor Association Solutions


Senior Executives Aspiring to CEO Masterclass: Resolve Conflict in Teamsadditional fee

It pays to find the hidden, but high, costs of workplace conflicts. In fact, some studies suggest more than 20% of your team is putting less effort into their work due to interpersonal conflicts, and typical managers spend as much as 25-40% of their time navigating them—that’s one to two days of every work week! There’s no avoiding it, when people gather together, even in the best of circumstances, there is bound to be disagreements. But what’s the remedy to cultivate peak levels of engagement, productivity, and morale? Learn to recognize, understand, and address issues that can completely derail or sabotage potentially powerful teamwork. Increase emotional awareness, management skills, and inspire more productive conversations.

  • Understand the hidden costs of poorly managed workplace conflict.
  • Recover shrinking management time and productivity lost to employee conflict.
  • Engage in productive discourse and leverage coaching skills.

Content Leader:
Pamela Green, President & CEO, HR Coaching Institute


Young Professionals Masterclass: Finance for the Non-Financial Manageradditional fee

When someone is talking about finances, assets, statements, and investments, do your eyes glaze over? An inability to be financially fluent when it comes to your association may stop you from progressing in your professional career. Here’s your chance to build your skills! Designed for young professionals with new or expanding budgeting responsibilities, learn the basics of financial information and get comfortable throwing around terms like revenue, accrual accounting, and cash flow. With practice, you’ll understand nonprofit accounting and finance concepts (e.g., revenue streams, programmatic vs. M&G, restricted funds, and reserves) and basic accounting concepts (such as double-entry bookkeeping, assets, liabilities, financial statements, and internal reporting) that propel your career forward.

  • Employ basic principles for interpreting financial statements (including budgeting, key metrics, board presentations, cash flow, and investments).
  • Develop and manage program and department budgets and forecasts.
  • Interpret and present financial data to a diverse set of stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Content Leader:
Robert Batarla, Executive Vice President, Finance and Business Development & CFO, American Physical Therapy Association

This workshop is hosted by our Strategic Partner:



Preconference Workshop

Saturday, August 18
1:00–4:00 p.m.

All sessions and events are held at McCormick Place unless otherwise noted.

Presentations that Pop and Deliver Learning Outcomesadditional fee

Are you evolving with the times? The role of content leader, facilitator, speaker, etc. is being reshaped and so are the skills. Session attendees are more informed than ever and their expectations have increased. Time and money is an investment; attendees expect to walk away with newfound awareness that uses current knowledge to challenge and expand thinking to drive creativity and solutions. Understanding the psyche of conference attendees, skilled facilitators work from a toolkit that arms them for success and the unexpected.

  • Apply adult learning principles to harness the energy in the room.
  • Foster participation, manage expectations, set guidelines, and assess knowledge retained at key points.
  • Learn about instructional design to create dynamic and engaging content while adhering to intellectual property concerns.
  • Evaluate opportunities to develop interactive sessions that are robust and meaningful.  

Content Leader:
Tracy King, Chief Learning Strategist & Founder, InspirEd


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