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Vendor Warnings

Look for the ASAE Official Vendor Logo when placing service orders. Only vendors that are approved by ASAE are authorized to display this seal. These companies want to provide you with the best possible show experience, and ASAE guarantees the products and services you receive from its official partners.

asae vendors

2019 ASAE Annual Meeting Official Vendors 

expovision Hotel Reservations 
asae Attendee Lists 
hargrove General Service Contractor
Audio Visual
atc Air Travel 
tlc florists Floral Services
eshow Lead Retrieval
Feathr Booth Promotion

We are currently aware of the following non affiliated vendors.  Please keep in mind that ASAE does not guarantee products or services from these vendors:  

Unaffiliated Housing Companies:

  • Skyline Housing –
  • CMI Event Travel – Sean Martin,
  • Event Travel Planners, LLC –
  • Convention Housing Planners –

Unaffiliated List Sales Companies:

  • Mary Callagee
  • Amber William –
  • Julia Rae –
  • Barry Pilson, Business Development – Event Attendees Specialist –
  • Dana Fraser, Marketing Analyst –
  • Olivia Anna, Demand Generation Specialist –
  • Natalie Watson, Demand Generation Specialist –
  • Carol Smith, Global Business Coordinator –
  • Jennifer Peck –
  • UMaxMedia –,
  • Katy Arrington -
  • World Expo List -
  • Amy Johnson-
  • Global Dataleads -
  • Julia Gibson –

Unaffiliated AV Sales Companies:

  • General Session & Expositions –
  • Skyvision –

Other Unaffiliated Vendors: 

  • Bay Displays –
  • Geofence Media –
  • Campana –
  • US Express Freight Systems -

If you are receiving solicitations from vendors not listed above, please forward that email to so we can add them to this list.