Who Are the Coaches?

Who Are the Coaches?

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Our 2024 Coaches

We're proud to introduce our team of highly experienced, association-focused coaches! Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, all of our coaches hold a current credential from the International Coach Federation or have graduated from an accredited coach training program; have three or more years of experience providing one-on-one coaching services; and have worked specifically with clients in the association and nonprofit community.

To help ease your coach selection process, participating coaches have identified their areas of expertise. This information is listed below, next to each coach’s name. Coaches are listed in alphabetical order.

Cicely Anderson

Cicely Anderson, ACC, is a transformative coach with over 20 years of experience spanning various industries, including food/restaurant, consumer products manufacturing, sports and entertainment, and nonprofits. As President and Founder of Life Purpose Architects, LLC, and Founder of Passion for Life, Inc. (a nonprofit), Cicely specializes in helping leaders, professionals, and job seekers discover their passion, purpose, and potential.

As a transformative partner, Cicely's coaching approach is characterized by contagious positive energy and tailored to each client's unique needs. Serving as a career development personal trainer, she guides individuals through identifying strengths and values and crafting strategic plans to thrive in their roles and careers. Through bespoke coaching sessions, Cicely challenges clients beyond their comfort zones, empowering them to realize their aspirations and unlock their unique value propositions.

Cicely's expertise lies in executive presence, relationship building, strategic planning, and career transition. She assists leaders in establishing executive presence, navigating political landscapes, and developing management strategies. For professionals, Cicely guides career planning, personal branding, and leveraging strengths for maximum impact. Additionally, she supports job seekers with vision creation, interview preparation, and developing value propositions to stand out in the competitive job market.

Cicely Anderson is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is distinguished for facilitating personal and professional growth, empowering individuals to advance in their personal and professional lives, and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives.

Mariama Boney

As President and CEO of Achieve More, LLC, a certified small woman and minority-owned consultancy, Mariama S. Boney, LMSW, CAE, CPEC is an award-winning educator and serves as the principal consultant.

  • Mariama is transformative, transparent, team-oriented, and solution-focused with her skills in facilitation, training, and consulting. She is an author of numerous articles and 3 books.
  • Her content knowledge spans over 100 topics in leadership, DEIA+A, and well-being with a worldwide impact on behalf of over 1000 diverse groups of professionals, students, faculty, and volunteers and for partners and participants over 500,000.
  • An innovator of over 1,000 quality programs, products, and services to expand learning, and implementor of over 20 strategic plans and 750+ projects for future success. Mariama has helped education, government, technology, engineering, cyber security, non-profit, corporate, and association organizations ?achieve fiduciary and operational efficiency.

Achieve More LLC has worked with a variety of industries and professionals including and not limited to: accountants | advocacy | airports | architects | association executives | botanists | business | child life specialists | colleges | construction | counselors | cyber security | dentists | doctors | engineers | faculty | gaming | government | healthcare specialists | information technology | landscape architects | librarians | journalists | life sciences | lawyers | marriage and family therapists | medical illustrators | monitoring professionals | neurosurgeons | pharmacists | nursing | real estate | researchers | psychologists | special educators | social workers | software development | transportation | universities | and many more!

Vikram (“Vik”) Kapoor

Vikram (“Vik”) Kapoor is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is currently working towards his Master Coaching Certification, which is the highest credential in professional coaching. 

A highly sought-after speaker and facilitator, Vik weaves together cutting-edge science and practical wisdom to empower those who seek support around goal setting, leading with values, collaborating in the workplace, bouncing back from setbacks, and galvanizing teams behind a common purpose. His specialty is in managing conflict constructively.

He is also affiliated with Coach Diversity Institute, which hosts Howard University’s Executive Certificate in Diversity Coaching, and he regularly trains and coaches senior leaders on topics of equity and inclusion as it relates to conflict in the workplace and organizational culture. Vik has previously worked with leaders in the U.S. Senate and agency heads in the Federal Government, as well as private sector leaders who are working hard to address issues of bias and belonging in the workforce.

He has extensive training in behavioral science, leadership assessments, resilience and well-being, and conflict coaching, which he deploys in service of his clients who span six continents and a broad spectrum of industries. He is particularly skilled at helping manage conflict during change.

Vik is a Regents Scholar of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (J.D). He has also earned advanced certificates in organizational coaching from George Mason University and trauma recovery from Harvard Medical School. 

In 2021, he wrote First Serve Yourself, an Amazon #1 bestselling book on self-coaching for young leaders.

Lyne Tumlinson

Lyne Tumlinson’s multi-faceted background includes personality, cultural diversity, and leadership development as a perfect storm of preparation for her true calling. Her positions range from serving as lead on global projects (including writing grants and carrying out the work internationally) to coaching non-profit Boards and leadership teams. Lyne’s broad range of experience also includes project management, mindset coaching for athletes, international business consulting, and coaching association executives.

Lyne holds a BA in Psychology, with minors in Business and Russian from University of Northern Colorado. She earned her MA from the University of Kansas in Russian Studies, completed professional coach training with the Coach Training Institute and Invite Change (Advanced Group & Team Coaching).

Lyne is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation, with additional certifications from Strengths Strategy, Reach Personal Branding and is working toward a certification in Mindset Coaching.

Tumlinson also completed training in Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches (the neuroscience of conversations).

Success Stories

  • Worked with Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity that was frustrated with toxic leaders. After six months working on communication and trust in the team, relationships had improved without HR or CEO intervention. As a result, successful changes were implemented both in key technology and education processes with improved collaboration and results.
  • Tumlinson coached leaders in a large national association and 200 individual staff for employee engagement strategies, with the goal of peacefully merging the two teams. Clarifying individuals’ strengths, they expanded give-and-take with senior managers, brought more voices to key decisions, and increased strategic collaboration to handle Board decisions.
  • Worked with a national association’s local chapter executives, clarified natural styles, and learned how to work with differences, resulting in improved collaboration, with members and staff with different strengths. With improved communications, members focused on their own strategies, plus needed innovation in their industry, raising visibility and overall performance within the industry.
  • Coached executive team of an entrepreneurial company that focuses on customers’ experience with data. As it had grown from family-run to small business level, we worked with the top management level to develop an organization-wide employee strategy, improving specific skills such as public speaking. Results: clarified employee structure and expectations, enhanced marketing efforts by effectively delegating, revised company vision and continued growth of market share, while maintaining an NPS score in the high 90s.

Jen Lewi

I'm Jen Lewi, a career strategist working at the intersection of coaching, professional development, and design thinking.

My sweet spot is helping executives identify and maximize their strengths, boost self-command, and reinvent their work lives for more fulfillment. I have helped numerous professionals get "unstuck", identify possible paths forward, develop actionable plans, build a great resume, reframe their current jobs, or find the career of their dreams. I offer one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, virtual and in-person workshops,

I possess extensive training in leadership development, public speaking, training, and professional coaching. My education and professional credentials are provided below.


Carol Vernon

Carol Vernon is a certified executive coach working with association leaders and teams to fine-tune their leadership voice, communications, and executive presence. After more than a decade in senior leadership positions in national associations, including serving as interim executive director for a trade association foundation, Carol trained and became an executive coach in 2006 to help individuals and teams be more effective in the workplace and more fulfilled in their lives. 

Carol's commitment to her craft is evident in her certification by the coaching industry's primary body, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She completed her initial coach training in 2005 and continues to actively pursue ongoing leadership development training. Her academic background includes a BA and graduate studies in communications, further enhancing her ability to guide and support leaders and teams. 

Carol's influence extends beyond association leaders and teams. She currently serves as a coach/guide for the Chief women's leadership organization, supporting 25+ EVP and SVP Chief members on their leadership paths. Since 2008, she has been the executive communications coach for the Campaign School at Yale University, empowering over 1,500 women seeking elected office to communicate their leadership vision more powerfully. 

Since 2006, Carol has partnered with association leaders and teams in more than 150 trade associations and professional societies.


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