Meeting Health & Safety Protocols

Meeting Health & Safety Protocols

We will implement the following guidelines for the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo:

ASAE’s number one priority is the health and safety of our event participants and industry partners. Our goal is to hold a safe event, recognizing it is not possible to remove all risks, in particular concerning COVID-19. ASAE will put required measures in place to provide a safe environment for its event attendees. Policies for each meeting will be set according to CDC and public health recommendations, federal, state, and local regulations applicable at the time of the event, and what ASAE deems necessary to manage the risk for its event attendees. ASAE may change, update, or add to these requirements at any time as it deems prudent to best protect the health and safety of attendees and others, and attendees must comply with relevant policies and requirements as communicated by ASAE.

ASAE cannot be held liable for COVID-19 cases arising because of event attendance and currently requires of all attendees at ASAE in-person meetings and events:

  1. A signed Waiver and Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibility
  2. Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.
  3. Mask wearing is encouraged and optional. 

Vaccination Requirements for In-Person

  • Proof of full vaccination will be required and verified prior to entrance.
    • Unfortunately, with the current transmission rates we will not be offering in-person access with proof of negative COVID-19 test results for non-vaccinated people (unless you have a medical or religious reason).
  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination means documentation that the individual is at least two weeks past the full primary two-injection course of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines or a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
    • Consistent with CDC guidance, ASAE also strongly encourages attendees to receive a booster dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines once eligible (i.e., six months after completion of the primary sequence of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines or two months after a primary Johnson & Johnson injection).
  • Attendees will be expected to take common actions to reduce the risk of COVID transmission and to behave responsibly (including leaving the event area) in case of exposure to a COVID case or experiencing symptoms.
    • In such case, attendees should seek appropriate medical attention, including a COVID-19 test, and must immediately inform ASAE should a COVID-19 test be positive during the event or in the 10 days following the event.
  • Protect yourself by frequent hand washing/sanitizing and minimizing face touching.

What should I do before I arrive?

1. Prepare to show proof of vaccination record. Below are some ways to easily show proof of vaccination.

  • Take a digital photograph of both sides of your personal vaccination record card and store it on your smartphone.
  • Utilize an app-based service such as Clear 
  • Provide any city/state authorized/approved digital Vaccination verification
  • Bring a printed copy of your Vaccine Card

2. Bring a mask; while it is not required, you may want to wear a mask while indoors when you are not eating or drinking.

Failure to comply with all safety protocols and requirements as listed above or related directions from ASAE representatives on-site may result in the loss of the right to attend or participate in ASAE events, including forfeiting any registration fees paid.

Liability Waiver

  • I understand that travel and gathering involves risk of sickness, including sickness from COVID-19. I (and on behalf of my guest(s)) waive and release ASAE and its alliance partners/industry partners, and their employees and agents, from and against claims, liabilities and expenses arising from injury, sickness or death from contraction or spread of COVID-19 or other communicable disease due to travel to or attendance at an event hosted by ASAE.
  • I will take necessary precautions while at the event including, but not limited to, engaging in appropriate social distancing, wearing a mask in public areas when not consuming food or beverage, minimizing face touching, frequently washing hands and avoiding risky environments such as overcrowded bars or restaurants. I agree to not attend any ASAE event if I feel ill or had recent exposure to a COVID-19 case.
  • This waiver and release is binding on me and my heirs and successors.


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