Health & Safety Protocols

Health & Safety Protocols

UPDATE as of August 26, 2:00 PM (EST):
Since the conclusion of ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville, TN, August 20-23, a total of thirty-four (34) attendees have reported a positive test for COVID-19.

ASAE’s priority in all meetings and events decisions is the safety and welfare of our attendees, presenters and staff. ASAE’s safety protocol requiring proof of negative COVID-19 test for admittance to the meeting was in place and adhered to for the Annual Meeting & Expo. Additionally, more than 300 attendees took advantage of ASAE’s COVID testing room on-site. The few attendees who tested positive were asked to quarantine immediately.

ASAE shares the following guidance from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for individuals who have come into close contact with someone with COVID-19. If you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, you should get tested immediately and stay home and away from others. If your test result is positive, CDC recommends isolating at home for 5 days. If you demonstrate severe symptoms, please see a healthcare provider.

If you have any additional questions, please contact: or call 888-950-ASAE. 
We will implement the following updated guidelines for the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition: As we all know, the rapidly changing conditions created by COVID-19 and its variants necessitate that event sponsors like ASAE constantly evaluate and update health and safety protocols for upcoming in-person events. With the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville rapidly approaching, ASAE has meticulously consulted current federal, state and local health and safety guidance and worked diligently with our partners in Nashville and at Event Farm, a MemberSuite company and leading provider of event engagement solutions, to position ASAE as a leader in exercising its duty of care and responsibility as host of in-person events in the industry. Based on numerous considerations and after consulting with other industry leaders who have recently hosted large-scale meetings and events in Nashville, ASAE is announcing the following changes to our health and safety protocols for the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition:

UPDATE: On August 11, 2022, the CDC shifted its pandemic guidance to recommend that individuals exposed to COVID no longer need to quarantine but should instead wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5. The guidance also advises that screening testing of asymptomatic people without known exposures is no longer necessary in most community settings. The CDC still calls for anyone with COVID symptoms or who tests positive to isolate for at least 5 days or until testing negative. And the CDC also recommends for anyone eligible for vaccination against COVID-19 to stay up to date with vaccination.

  • ASAE’s policy requiring all attendees to show proof of a negative test 48-hours prior to badge pickup for the ASAE Annual Meeting. This departs from ASAE’s previous policy requiring proof of vaccination prior to admittance.
  • At-home tests are acceptable and negative test results can be uploaded via the Health Pass by CLEAR leveraged by Event Farm on behalf of ASAE. Specific details will be shared with all registrants in the coming days.
  • ASAE is committed to the health and safety of its attendees, staff, volunteers and other Annual Meeting stakeholders.
  • Attendees will be traveling to the Annual Meeting from many different regions, some of which may have high community transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, taking the extra step of conducting screening tests for attendees increases the protection for all attendees. PCR and rapid COVID tests are not guaranteed to detect all infectious people – but, if someone tests positive, they should be isolating rather than attending the Annual Meeting. 
  • Event Farm will text reminders to upload a negative test result to attendees in advance of the meeting and handle the verification on-site just as they have with ASAE’s previous vaccination requirement.
  • ASAE has not hosted an in-person Annual Meeting in three years, and our intent is to ensure that all attendees are able to focus on the Annual Meeting experience knowing that ASAE prioritizes both their wellness and their meeting experience.
  • While the CDC has relaxed some aspects of its guidance, the BA.5 subvariant of Omicron is still with us and is highly transmissible. ASAE’s policy, including the proof of testing and recommended mask-wearing for indoor settings, reduces the risk to its attendees of contracting the virus.
  • Mask-wearing at the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition will be encouraged and optional.
  • Optional testing for any registrant will also be available in the on-site testing room through Tuesday, Aug. 23. The on-site testing room will be staffed by a medical professional/nurse. Mask-wearing in the on-site testing room will be mandatory.

ASAE may change, update, or add to these requirements at any time as it deems prudent to best protect the health and safety of attendees and others, and attendees must comply with relevant policies and requirements as communicated by ASAE.

ASAE cannot be held liable for COVID-19 cases arising because of event attendance and currently requires of all attendees at ASAE in-person meetings and events:

  1. A signed Waiver and Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibility
  2. Proof of negative test within 48-hours prior to badge pickup.
  3. Mask wearing is encouraged and optional. 

What should I do before I arrive?

1. Prepare to show proof of negative test within 48-hours prior to badge pickup.
2. Download and utilize our official vendor app-based service, Clear.
3. Bring a mask; while it is not required, you may want to wear a mask while indoors when you are not eating or drinking.

Failure to comply with all safety protocols and requirements as listed above or related directions from ASAE representatives on-site may result in the loss of the right to attend or participate in ASAE events, including forfeiting any registration fees paid.

Liability Waiver

  • I understand that travel and gathering involves risk of sickness, including sickness from COVID-19. I (and on behalf of my guest(s)) waive and release ASAE and its alliance partners/industry partners, and their employees and agents, from and against claims, liabilities and expenses arising from injury, sickness or death from contraction or spread of COVID-19 or other communicable disease due to travel to or attendance at an event hosted by ASAE.
  • I will take necessary precautions while at the event including, but not limited to, engaging in appropriate social distancing, wearing a mask in public areas when not consuming food or beverage, minimizing face touching, frequently washing hands and avoiding risky environments such as overcrowded bars or restaurants. I agree to not attend any ASAE event if I feel ill or had recent exposure to a COVID-19 case.
  • This waiver and release is binding on me and my heirs and successors.

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Your comfort-level is very important to us. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable attending, feel free to reach out to us at and we will gladly discuss other options. If current guidelines change, we will update our attendees accordingly.

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