Industry Partner Registration & Conversation Packages

Industry Partner Registration & Conversation Packages

Participate in the meeting and enhance your brand awareness.

We have three package levels in which you can choose to participate. Note the pricing and package inclusions in the chart below.

The top two tiered packages include an added interactive component. Additional details can be found by clicking on the corresponding offering below the chart. 
$2,000 m/$2,250 nm*
$5,000 m/$5,250 nm*
Limited to 48 companies
$10,000 m/$10,250 nm*
Limited to 20 companies
3 5 10
Five (5) Searchable Product/Service Categories 
Exclusive Pre and Post Show Attendee List Access
Industry Partner Directory Listing with link to company website
Resource Document Upload in pre-selected Solution Center Kiosk 1 Document in 1 Marketplace Kiosk 3 Documents in any 3 Marketplace Kiosks 5 Documents in any 5 Marketplace Kiosks
Attendee Activity Offering   Association Exchange Conversation Action Lab
  • Conduct a live concurrent 30-minute conversation with 1-2 of your top association clients.
  • Occurs as a webinar in a Solution Center kiosks within the Association Solutions Marketplace
    • Kiosk selection and presentation day is based on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  • Facilitate a focused and fast-paced discussion while sharing lessons-learned, from the perspective of your best client, on what is important to them right now in the industry, from their members and expectations for their own organization.
  • Showcase your partnership and how collaborative efforts were successful in overcoming the challenges of this past year. Also, identifying key takeaways that you both will implement in the future.
  • Attendees will watch, take note of your great trials and tribulations, engage via chat, and can contact you for further discussion within the virtual platform.
  • Open and honest solution-finding dialogue based on topics themes correlating to the established conference content
    • Hosted via Matchbox's virtual platform and are assigned on a first-come/first-serve basis
  • Highlight your company as knowledgeable and credible thought leaders who intimately understand the current needs of the clients you serve
  • Live, 45-minute interactive conversation with association professionals to ideate and cultivate creative ideas tackling today's major challenges
  • Design your own session! Create an engaging and interactive hands-on activity for association professionals in small group settings - suggestions below
    • Got ideas? Consider "pressure-testing" your ideas directly to the audience - think Hackathon!
    • Re-tell an experience used by an association professional using your product to overcome a current challenge
    • Share ideas on what your company has accomplished/achieved in conjunction an association using your solutions successfully
    • Reality Show - think of a real-world challenge activity that could be facilitated virtually. The Bachelor, Shark Tank are some ideas!
    • 1-2-3-GO! Consider using breakouts to have smaller group discussions with your audience and then return to share solutions

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*To become a member, please contact the Member Relations Team at or call 202-626-2727.

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