Lottery Information

Lottery Information

Online Booth Selection Key Dates:
  • Lottery (pre-sale) Invitation to RSVP (sent to past exhibitors and interest list): December 8, 2021
  • Lottery RSVP Deadline: January 14, 2022
  • Group/Block Forms Due: January 14, 2022
  • NEW DATES! Lottery - Exhibit Selection: February 16 (Technology/Business Service companies) & 17 (Hospitality/Meeting Services companies)
  • General Exhibit Sales Open to the Public: February 21, 2022


Once logged in at your exact appointment time, follow the instructions below to select your booth:

  1. Hit the Start button
  2. Confirm your Logistics Coordinator contact information and then click the "Continue" button on the bottom of the page.
  3. While in the Booth Space Selection page, execute the following to secure your booth space:
    • To choose your booth space, simply click the booth(s) desired on the floorplan. The screen will highlight your selected booth(s) in green, which confirms your selection.
      • Available booths are shown in blue; booths already occupied will be shown in yellow.
      • The name of the exhibitor occupying yellow booths will be displayed upon hovering over the booth with your mouse.
      • Change your mind? Simply click on the booth(s) you no longer desire to release your choice(s). Upon doing so, the booth will return to it's original blue color. You can then select a different booth(s).
      • If you are selecting an island booth (20x20 or larger), you must select from pre-drawn islands on the floor.  You may not create your own island. 
      • If you are selecting your booth using a mobile device, such as an iPad, you will need to click on your preferred booth twice in order to select it and twice again to unselect it.
    • Once you have the booth(s) you want, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page and this will officially secure the booth under your name.
  4. Follow the prompts through the end of the form, relax, and wait for your preliminary confirmation email! Invoices for balances due will be sent shortly once we confirm your membership status and booth space requirements.

NOTE: If you are a group representative, you will need to choose enough booth space during your appointment time to accommodate your entire group. If you neglect to do so, you will need to choose from booths available at the time of discovery.

Ready to sign up to secure your spot within the online booth selection Lottery? Add your name to the below list to receive your customized RSVP!

2022 Interest List

2022 Booth Rates:

Booth Size Pre–Lottery Pricing Post–Lottery Pricing
  Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
Shared (10x5) $2,500 $2,825 $2,650 $2,975
10x10 Inline $4,350 $4,850 $4,500 $5,000
10x10 Corner $4,600 $5,100 $4,750 $5,250
10x20 Inline $8,700 $9,700 $9,000 $10,000
10x20 Corner $8,950 $9,950 $9,250 $10,250
10x20 Double Corner** $9,200 $10,200 $9,500 $10,500
10x30 Inline $13,050 $14,550 $13,500 $15,000
10x30 Corner $13,300 $14,800 $13,750 $15,250
10x40 Inline $17,400 $19,400 $18,000 $20,000
10x40 Corner $17,650 $19,650 $18,250 $20,250
20x20 Island $18,400 $20,400 $19,000 $21,000

*Cost is per exhibiting company.
To determine pricing for additional sizes, use the cost per 10x10 inline/corner and multiply by the number of booths you desire.
**Additionally, if you utilize multiple corner booths, you will need to add in the corner booth rates accordingly.

How Many Registrations Do I Get?
One (1) FREE Exhibitor Full Conference Access Registration with each 10x10 purchase; AND option to purchase up to an additional three (3) more per 10x10 for $699 each.

20x20 Island (4 corner booths)    4 FREE; Can Purchase up to 12 more
20x30 Island (6 corner booths)    6 FREE; Can Purchase up to  18 More
20x40 Island (8 corner booths)    8 FREE; Can Purchase up to  24 More
20x50 Island (10 corner booths)    10 FREE; Can Purchase up to 30 More
30x40 Island (12 corner booths)    12 FREE; Can Purchase up to 36 More
40x40 Island (16 corner booths)    16 FREE; Can Purchase up to 48 More

What Is Included With Booth Purchase: (per 10x10)**

  • Seven exclusive, non-competing exhibit hours.
  • One full ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition registration and the opportunity to purchase up to three additional full conference registrations (Expo Hall only badges are not available).
  • Access to all ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition educational offerings and opening and closing networking events.
  • Pre- and post-show mailing lists including attendee demographics.
  • Listing in online Exhibitor Directory, including a 25-word description on multiple platforms including: the event website and mobile app (upgrades available).
  • Recognition in ASAE Annual Meeting preliminary brochure*.
  • Visibility within the live online floor plan with link to your company website.
  • Ability for conference attendees to schedule one-on-one appointments with you.
  • Exclusive access to the Business Connection Lounge, which includes open seating and private meeting rooms.
  • “We’re Exhibiting” logo to use in your marketing and post on your website.
  • Standard 8' high pipe and drape back wall with 3' high draped side rails.
  • Standard 7'' x 44'' identification sign for linear booths.
*Subject to print deadlines
**All booths must be carpeted and it is not included with above listed booth fees


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