Lounges on Level 1M

General Lounge Hours

8/21 – Sunday, 7 am - 5 pm*
8/22 – Monday, 7 am - 5 pm*
8/23 – Tuesday, 7  am - 12 pm

CEO Lounge – Davidson Ballroom A1
   A welcome space for association CEOs and Executive Directors.
   Hosted by ASAE Strategic Partner:
   Sponsored by Naylor

Global Lounge – Davidson Ballroom A2
      *Open until 6pm on Sunday 8/21   
        5:45 pm on Monday 8/22. 

Are you attending from outside of the United States. or are you an association professional that does business internationally? If so, come visit the Global Lounge.


Hosted by ASAE Global Partners:
Dubai and Singapore

The Hive - Expo Floor

Are you new to the Annual Meeting? If so, come check out the Hive and let us help you navigate your first ASAE Annual Meeting!

Hosted by ASAE Corporate Partner:

Small Staff Lounge – Davidson Ballroom A3

Small-staff associations unite! Come connect with colleagues in this fun and inviting space.

Hosted by ASAE Event Partner:


Business Connection Lounge – Davidson Ballroom B

Monday Press Conference – Davidson BR C3
1-2 pm

Press Room – Davidson BR C2


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