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Welcome to the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition Non-Exhibiting Supplier Registration Package sales form.

ELIGIBILITY: Supplier companies that have not attended an ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition within the past 5 years, provide services/products targeting the Association/Nonprofit community and not exhibiting on the ASAE show floor. (Excluding ASAE Alliance Partners.)

NOTE: You will need a credit card to reserve your package online. If you are required to submit payment via check, please select the SEND INVOICE payment type option and we will email it your way, after review.

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Application to Register as Non-Exhibiting Supplier at ASAE 2022 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Non-Exhibiting Supplier companies that purchase this package to attend will be first reviewed and approved by show management to gain access to the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition registration forms. The purpose of this policy is to protect the current suppliers exhibiting and maintain the integrity of the show. All registration options for non-exhibiting suppliers come with the good-faith understanding that registered suppliers will not have access to the show floor during dedicated expo hours, and/or will not sabotage the event by taking meeting space at or near the convention venue and using it for hospitality/demos/meetings/competing events.

Please note that all interested supplier companies are required to complete this online application for consideration to attend as a Non-Exhibiting Supplier. ASAE limits the number of supplier registrations and admission is based on Show Management approval. ASAE will be reviewing all requests for attendance to be sure we have vetted our business partners and to provide a good variety and balance of exhibitors in relation to association professionals attendance base and venue space ratios. Submission of this form is no guarantee to attendance. Nor will speaking engagements provide priority in this Non-Exhibiting Supplier application process. We appreciate your understanding!

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