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Preconference Pathway Masterclasses and Workshop

Get a strong start and set a pace toward maximum value with a preconference workshop or masterclass.

All Masterclasses and Workshop:
Saturday, August 10
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Achieving Global Success Masterclass:

To Global or Not to Global? That is the Questionadditional fee

As associations look to expand outside their home markets, common questions come up like “Where do we go next?”, “Expand globally or stay home?”, and “How do we go global and to where?”.  Learn how to develop a process and tools for evaluation and expansion of global initiatives to assess not only which markets, but how to decide which products and services to deploy in each market.

  • Analyze the results from the plan implemented for BICSI’s global expansion into the Middle East and Africa market and what would be done differently today with the acquired knowledge of this initiative for the next market.
  • Learn to overcome challenges when expanding globally.
  • Explore a  step-by-step process to follow when deciding on what to do and where to go next, along with how to decide on which products and services should expand globally.
  • Model and customize the process developed by BICSI to fit the needs of your own association along with how to get board/volunteer buy-in, engagement, and support in the process.

Paul Weintraub, CAE, vice president of global development and support, BICSI
Terrance Barkan, CAE, chief strategist, GLOBALSTRAT

Healthcare Associations Masterclass:

Critical Considerations for an Effective Certification Programadditional fee

Discover the strategic and operational considerations in developing a certification program that is relevant to your membership and meets the criteria of relevant standards and leading practices. Learn how to define a certification program’s mission and purpose; examine the legal, risk management, and competitive considerations; manage all aspects of this project including providing an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for candidates. 

  • Identify keys to establishing an effective certification program.
  • Address concerns around certification as a barrier to entry and review benchmarking data.
  • Review a case study on an inclusive exam administration for the accessibility community.
  • Define the environment that nurtures continued program growth.

Linda Anguish, PHR, GPHR, director of accreditation services, ICE
Chris Peck, senior director, SmithBucklin Corporation
Denise Roosendaal CAE, executive director, Institute for Credentialing Excellence
Anjali Weber, senior director, Board of Pharmacy Specialties

CEO-Executive Directors Masterclass:

The Future of Membership: Building the Must-Have Association of the Next Centuryadditional fee

Changing demographics, innovations in technology, and an unpredictable economy are having a detrimental effect on your membership. But do you know how to use these detriments to your association's advantage? Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to launch a strategy capable of quickly and successfully re-engaging members, giving your association a competitive advantage, and fast-tracking overall growth.

  • Gain a better understanding of market disruptors and strategies.
  • Gain insights into trends and shifts likely to challenge your association in the next five years.
  • Develop a customizable action plan to protect the longevity of your association.
  • Identify the primary obstacles preventing your association's competitiveness and growth in the Talent Economy.

Sarah Sladek, founder, XYZ University

Senior Executives Aspiring to CEO Masterclass:

Don’t Hold People Accountable—Develop Accountable Peopleadditional fee

When it comes to performance management, a vast majority of employees are dissatisfied with their company’s performance process and accountability is a critical issue in today’s workforce. You will learn an accountability model that both employees and managers will like. Through developing a shift in mindset, organizations will increase employees’ desire to engage and take accountability for their work.

  • Apply a model that invites and sustains self-accountability.
  • Practice shifting your mindset by applying the tools and principles.
  • Identify the major problem underlying processes that attempt to hold people accountable.
  • Develop strategies to improve performance management for both managers and direct reports.

Chris McIntyre, senior consultant, The Arbinger Institute

Young Professionals as Future Leaders Masterclass:

Aspire, Become, and Thrive: What it Takes to Get to the C-Suiteadditional fee

Take the mystery out of what it takes to get to the C-suite by exploring the current expectations boards have for their senior management team. You’ll learn how to navigate the search process, understand what search committees are asking for in the moment, and gain insights into what you need to be selected as an association executive. You’ll look at essential strengths, behaviors, and tools that help expand your leadership capabilities, build your confidence, and transform your language and organizational effectiveness to be C-suite ready.  

  • Increase confidence and ability to know when you might be ready to seek your first C-suite position.
  • Understand the full scope of the chief executive function and boards' current demand.
  • Build your leadership and strategic decision-making competencies to excel.
  • Develop your leadership presence to maximize your potential to become and thrive as a future chief executive.

Cynthia Mills, FASAE,CAE, CMC, CPC, CCRC, founder, president & CEO, The Leaders’ Haven
Jim Zaniello, FASAE, president and founder, Vetted Solutions

Train-the-Trainer Workshop:

Sell Your Ideas Through Content Framing and Storytellingadditional fee

Quickly translate complex ideas and data into compelling content and communicate solutions with confidence and clarity to win support. Success or failure of an idea has a lot to do with the organization of content and preparation of the presenter. Content framing is a methodical approach that takes the guesswork out of knowing whether an idea has merit. Discover how content framing reveals an idea that has strong potential, the proper support, and is well-positioned to win the hearts and minds of the audience. 

  • Create highest value messages for your audience.
  • Increase efficiency in fact and story gathering/eliminate unnecessary work and redundancy.
  • Have a common platform on which your team(s) can organize key communications.
  • When and how to use stories for strong message resonation.
  • Have confidence in how to correct a runaway message.

Ruth Milligan, founder and managing director, Articulation

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