Tools & Tips for Attendees

Tools & Tips for Attendees

Before attending the ASAE Annual Meeting, be sure to read through these tools & tips to make the most out of your experience.


Equipment and Materials

Test Your Equipment in Advance

  • Please test and check your system at least 15 minutes prior to event. This includes your network connection, device battery life, and speakers.
  • We recommend you use a computer for the best experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone.
  • We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox to access the webinar. Other browsers are not compatible with the webinar system.

Control Your Environment as Best You Can

  • Mute other devices that might interfere with your computer audio.
  • Create a learning-conducive environment, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Close out of other tabs and mute notifications, if possible.
  • Prepare your space with anything you may need during the virtual program (appropriate chargers, note-taking materials, water, etc.).

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties

  • The webinar technology runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WiFi connections may be spotty.
  • Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try to refresh the page.
  • If you have any problems within the Intrado platform, there will be a Help Desk available during the conference.

Engagement Through the CHAT Feature

  • Take note of how the presenter intends to utilize the chat feature as well as the Q&A field. Participate in questions and polls to stay engaged with the session.
  • Questions for the presenters can be submitted through the Q&A function or within the chat. CHAT can also be a great way to engage and connect with other attendees.
  • In accordance with the ASAE Virtual Code of Conduct, chat should not be copied, shared or saved.  

Make the Most of Your ASAE Annual Meeting Experience

  • Check out the full conference schedule at advance to plan your day.  
  • Within the platform be sure to explore all areas of the conference, including the theater, Association Solutions Marketplace, ASAE Engagement Center, and Playground. Be sure to note times that these areas are open with staff and industry partners available to chat.
Need technical help with the Intrado Platform or have a general conference question during the event? Stop by the Help desk where ASAE and Intrado staff can help you. 

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